Brand History

Brand Profile

“The Whispered”, a contemporary guide to the Italian hand making ability – published by Mondadori in collaboration with Fendi and Maserati (2011).

In the house of the Pignola’s lived the dressmaker for children, and what was up, sewing, became so beautiful…

that’s what Susanna Agnelli writes in her novel Vestivano alla Marinara and that’s how the creations of Mariella Ferrari came into being, refined and beautiful children’s wear, embellished with expert embroidery”.
The success achieved over the years has not changed the company’s philosophy: love and attention to detail, from the most obvious such as embroidery, to the most hidden like the finishing, all performed with the same craftsmanship as always.

The love for tradition and handicraft, is the true mark that distinguishes and makes the Mariella Ferrari – production unique.

Mariella Ferrari is now a registered trademark and a fashion brand worldwide known.

The Company

Mariella Ferrari entered the world of fashion in the late 1970s as a designer and she created fashion drawings as well as collections for department stores.
At the end of the 1980s she created a new fashion line for Italian boutiques and also for exporting abroad.

The immediate success that followed, jointly with non-stop increase of the sales figures, led to the idea to create a specific own brand, concentrating the business no longer on department stores but on high end exclusive markets, with a specific focus on high quality product.