Brand History

Brand Profile

Mariella Ferrari was conceived from a mother’s desire for beautiful, timeless and enduring clothes. At the end of the Seventies Mariella began creating hand-embroidered blouses and jumpers for her small daughter, Alberta. News of these special garments spread fast. In just a few years, Mariella was dressing not only her daughters (by this time her second daughter Giulia had arrived) but also dozens of little girls whose mothers were looking for precious little dresses made in Tuscany with love. Recognising the popularity of her clothes, Mariella’s family decided to give her ventures their backing and support.

With time, Mariella developed a distinct brand by which customers could distinguish her work including her:

  • Consistent selection of beautiful, lasting fabrics and accessories
  • Attention to detail of finish and tailoring
  • Ability to find the balance between quality and price
  • Commitment to offer a personalised service to each client, attending to their specific delivery needs and timings

Today, these distinct values endure. After over 40 years, Mariella Ferrari still guarantees high quality products for every customer.

Each season, Mariella with Giulia and Alberta, present collections that in essence are classic and timeless, as if from a bygone age. Yet thanks to much dedicated research, every collection also reflects the very latest trends, with colours and looks, ‘a la moda’!

This collection includes articles ranging from classical and romantic, to sporty and dynamic, serving a child’s changing needs. Every season, Mariella presents a new range for babies – from newborn to 18 months, including linen and hand-knitted layettes .

There is also a collection for older children, for boys and girls, ranging from two to 14 years.